Narine in her Bedroom

Narine Minasyan is an absolute goddess – and this gallery is the stuff of dreams.

Dressed in nothing but a sleek white thong, Narine poses on soft sheets, displaying her unbelievable body in one stunning picture after another.

Without a doubt, Narine’s ass is perfection: full, round, toned. She shows it off beautifully when lying on her front, with the sensual curve of her spine leading our eyes across her smooth skin, towards those cheeks you just want to sink your teeth into.

But let’s not forget about her dark tousled hair, her full lips, and her delicious tits. We see these as she lies back on the sheets, her nipples hard, her hands pulling her thong down along her thighs. We see irresistible smooth skin above her pussy, and that sexy star tattoo fans will recognize nearby.

Narine knows exactly how to use this gorgeous body, teasing us with pictures you just can’t pull your eyes away from.

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Mikki in Bed

As I mentioned on my first post on this new blog, I have started to produce erotic photos in partnership with My collaboration will include erotic photos and videos. I will try to make it very erotic and sexy, while keeping it classy end beautiful.

Nakety will be launching in 2018, and will be a premium membership website focused on the more sophisticated part of the adult audience. It will consist only of erotic content, without porn. I hope to contribute a lot to the project, and I would be very happy to see you there!

Please sign up for the Nakety newsletter, and receive exclusive content and special offers directly from them.

Here is a sample of a photo set I did with the gorgeous Mikki.


*All images copyright

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Kate Chromia

Kate is a beautiful brunette with a slender, toned body – and she looks absolutely incredible in this gallery.

We see her perched on an elegant chair, her bare legs stretched in front of her, those dainty feet on display. She plays with her long brown hair, and her brighter locks catch the light, creating hints of vibrant blonde.

This mix of Kate’s photographs shows her in a figure-hugging top, a sexy open gown, in stockings, and completely nude. She shows us her pert breasts and full ass, always with an intoxicating sensuality.

Kate knows exactly how to tease us, whether she’s curled up in a purple velvet chair or sitting naked at the window, her skin bathed in sunlight. Kate has one of the most unforgettable bodies we’ve ever seen – slender, athletic, yet curvaceous.

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Aniela in a Dark Room

Aniela is a beautiful young blonde model from Ukraine, with a fresh-looking face and a perfect slim body.

She is here captured in a very formal and noble-looking pose, with her right hand crossing across her slim stomach line to reach her left arm. She looks at us from above, serious and defiant, while we humbly contemplate her pristine female body.

The frontal composition elegantly reveals her nudity and our passion. Her hand-sized breasts float above her arms, while her trimmed pubic hair discreetly fades into warm shadows. Her golden-toned skin glows of possibilities, as we realize that she is the reflection of many unconfessed desires.

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Viktoriia Aliko in Stripping Out

This photo set shows Viktoriia stripping out of her pink underwear by the window in natural light. It’s probably the most simple setup one can imagine for a nude portrait. Just a naked girl by the window. I shot these pictures in my own bedroom, where the windows recede deep into into the wall and produce a lighting setup the blends the qualities of a bare softbox with those of a gridded one. As the model approaches the wall, the light becomes more enveloping, while as she distances herself from it the light becomes more directional, though still soft and with subtle shadows.

This photo set was all done by the window, but we used the ‘gridded’ light later that day for some photos in bed. We did another small set by the window that day, in which she is wearing only a t-shirt and bottomless. I’ll post those pictures in a separate gallery.

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Welcome to the new TheCÆ!

Welcome to the new TheCÆ!

I am happy to announce the all-new edition of TheCÆ, now including not only photos, but also news, commentary, and special offers for my followers. While the previous website was focused on showcasing my portfolio, the new one will have a more interactive character, and will link to other projects that were not previously presented here.

The first project I would like to announce is my forthcoming collaboration with the new erotic website Nakety. This will be a membership website with erotic photos and videos, and I’ll be producing content for them. They are based in Budapest, the center of the erotic world in Europe. I’m planning to join them soon and resettle there!

While you wait, have a look at their website preview and sign up for Nakety’s newsletter, so you don’t miss out on the free content and special offers they will have for their subscribers.

And don’t forget to keep coming back to check out on the beautiful nude girls that I’ll be posting here from now on!

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