Kate Chromia in Cool and Warm

Kate Chromia has been featured quite a few times here and elsewhere on my social accounts. This beautiful Ukrainian nude model is one of the most loved by my followers, and not without reason. This girl is so sweet and charming that it is impossible to resist her. She emanates an air of discreet elegance, a form of tranquil excitement that is quite rare to find. No excesses. No extravagance. She poses for the camera with delicate grace.

This short essay with Kate Chromia was made in a cloudy winter afternoon, using whatever light had crossed into this side of the window. Kate was completely nude from the start, and we wasted no time in preparations. Light was little and not getting any better. We shot by the window, and deep inside the room, now using lamps mixed with the faint natural light reaching the back wall. It was a quick and pleasurable shoot, and as it is always the case with Kate, the result was excellent.

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