Viktoriia Aliko in Stripping Out

This photo set shows Viktoriia stripping out of her pink underwear by the window in natural light. It’s probably the most simple setup one can imagine for a nude portrait. Just a naked girl by the window. I shot these pictures in my own bedroom, where the windows recede deep into into the wall and produce a lighting setup the blends the qualities of a bare softbox with those of a gridded one. As the model approaches the wall, the light becomes more enveloping, while as she distances herself from it the light becomes more directional, though still soft and with subtle shadows.

This photo set was all done by the window, but we used the ‘gridded’ light later that day for some photos in bed. We did another small set by the window that day, in which she is wearing only a t-shirt and bottomless. I’ll post those pictures in a separate gallery.

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