Kate Chromia Wardrobe Shy

Kate Chromia is always beautiful and hot. And here she is also very cute and lovely, hiding herself in the closet. Kate is one of the cutest girls I have ever photographed. She is a lively woman with a fascinating look, and her eyes with different colors give her an aura of mystery and fantasy. This is really a rare woman!

Here we have Kate Chromia playing the shy girl on her wardrobe, sometimes hiding, sometimes revealing her beautiful slender body, and her very sexy natural tits. She wears translucent cotton panties, and we can see just enough to discern her dark pussy hair behind the fabric of her underwear. Now how hot is that? This is clearly a case where not showing is revealing. What our eyes can’t see our minds can vividly imagine.

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Nika by the Window

This small gallery of Nika is simple and effective. Here we have just a beautiful girl naked by the window. I added a little color cast to some of the images to give them a vintage look, but they are otherwise just plain shots of Nika. This girl is a pleasure to work with, and she has a natural elegance that actually grows when she walks naked around the room.

We tried many different setups on the day we shot this, and some of them area really nice — be sure to check them out as I post other galleries of Nika here,— but this little photo gallery is the one I like the most. What really pleases me in these photos is seeing Nika nude and completely relaxed by the window, without any props or complicated lighting setups. It’s all about her, Nika, a beautiful girl totally naked in front of the window. Why would we need more? Her body is so beautiful and hot, and she poses with such an easy elegance that anything else would be in excess.

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Narine in Bed – part 2

This collection shows Narine Minasyan topless in bed, wearing two different panties. These photos are from the same photo sessions as those on the first group of images we posted on this blog some time ago.

Narine is a very hot model and she is has a natural flair for the camera. She poses with spontaneous passion and seems to enjoy her modeling work. Her wild dark hair and her perfect natural breasts give her a strongly erotic look, and she certainly knows how to intensify this impression for the photographer.

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Kristina Zhuk in ‘Yellow’

Here we see Kristina Zhuk nude in full frontal poses, in what is a very simple but sexy photo gallery. Kristina is standing naked and stretching herself, as if she were dancing an erotic dance. We see her full body in a frontal angle, and can appreciate her slender figure, her beautiful small tits, her long legs, and the very erotic pubic hair covering her pussy.

I think these photos have a strong sex appeal, and I hope you will appreciate the erotic elegance of Kristina Zhuk’s modeling – or should we say acting? Kristina possesses the rare ability of being extremely erotic without appearing vulgar. A naked young girl stretching herself against a wall is an act that can be performed in endless ways, many of which would not lead to such an elegant display of fresh and natural sexuality.

This small Kristina Zhuk photo gallery is called ‘Yellow’ because of the color cast I added to the images on post-processing. Besides this attempt at giving the photos a vintage look, there is nothing too elaborate about it. It’s a simple one-light setup, with a hot girl stretching herself naked, and the camera coming straight on her full body. Why would anyone want to make a mess out of these things?

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Both Sides of Vyesta

This very small gallery has only two photos of the gorgeous Ukrainian model Vyesta. I shot some body closeups of Vyesta during a photo shoot some time ago, and for whatever reason tI didn’t share these pictures in many places. So here is an opportunity to see some photos that are different from the work I usually do on my personal projects. I hope you will like these images. Thanks for visiting!

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Viktoriia Aliko Undressed

Viktoriia Aliko is a vision of youthful beauty in this new gallery.

Viktoriia arches her spine to show her perfect body off in the first photo, with a confident, knowing expression on her face. Her tits are pert, her nipples hard, her stomach toned. She sits on the edge of the bed, and next, brings her legs up against her chest; she knows we want to see more..

After teasing us, she leans back, with her arms raised, her dark locks flowing behind her. Next, with one slender leg raised, Viktoriia shows a hint of her trimmed pubic hair, leading our eyes to search for that beautiful pussy just out of sight.

She lies back on the bed, on the wrinkled sheets, stretching her body to show off its feminine curves, its delicate lines.

Viktoriia turns on her side, to show her plump ass, those heavenly cheeks. Her eyes are as irresistible as the rest of her.

Now, she leans on the bed so her tits press against the crisp sheets. Her ass is higher, the cheeks parted just enough to drive us wild.

She lies with her ass raised now, staring at us with those gleaming eyes, her stiff nipples grazing the sheets. With her petite feet up behind her, her ass and tits smooth in the soft light, Viktoriia is perfection personified.

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Vyesta in ‘Window and Sofa’

In this gallery we see the hot Ukrainian model Vyesta bathed in natural light. It is a simple photo set where she shows off her gorgeous body in several positions, either by the window or leaning on the sofa.

The set actually contains two different setups. The first one shows Vyesta backlit in front of the window, and we can see a lot of contrast between her body and the rooftops in the background.

On the second setup Vyesta is leaning against the sofa, with the light from the window falling gently over her naked body. Here we have much more balanced light levels across the frame, and much more vivid colors.

I personally think the second part is also more erotic, as she makes sensual poses that more clearly reveal all the curves of her voluptuous body.

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